As seen on TV

Yves Way ‘The Kitchen Guy’ is a regular personality and hands on expert on a number of TV property shows. Yves is very passionate about his work and this comes across on camera, whilst his knowledge and innovation makes him a credit to any project he works on. His cheeky chappy personality also means there’s never a dull moment. For media enquiries please get in touch.


Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Make Over

Peter & the teams challenge is to redecorate and make over a number of rooms in a house. The house owner is nominated by a relative or friend for a secret visit by the 60 Minute Makeover team, who remodel their house whilst they out. The team has the task of completing the total renovation of run-down and tired rooms before the house owner returns home later that day. Yves’ role on the show is kitchen specialist & carpenter.


Linda Barkers Brand new house for 5K

With the cost of living rising, many people are turning their hand to doing their own home improvements, often with botched results! However, creating the home of your dreams need not be a disaster nor cost the earth, as Linda Barker sets out to prove in this timely new makeover show. The ‘darling of daring design’ has just one week and a strict budget of £5,000 of her client’s money to create a stunning transformation.

60 Minute Make Over

Probably the most well-known of home makeover shows in the UK Having run for 10 series. In 2013 the show had a change of format and was reborn as ‘Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Make Over’. Yves’ role on the show was kitchen specialist and carpenter.


The Renovation Game

Yves is the kitchens specialist in ‘The Renovation Game’ team made up of 3 builders and 1 interior designer. The team attempts to renovate a house in three days with a budget of just £3000 and the challenge of increasing its value by £15000. If they don’t, they don’t get paid!